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22nd and 23rd October 2016

LeisureHack is a free 50 person, 24-hour Hackathon brought to you by Lion Digital.

We want creative and capable entrants interested in technology who want to create something special.

As an incentive, there's a £500 prize to the winning team.

  1. /web
  2. /arduino
  3. /iot
  4. /mobile
  5. /processing
  6. /big-data

Why host a LeisureHack?

Because we’re in the midst of a digital revolution. From fitness apps to wearables and the latest gym equipment, technology is changing the way we exercise. The Leisure industry needs to keep pace with rapid change, and LeisureHack is the platform for tech innovation that rethinks the future of fitness.

It's a high-energy weekend focussed on solving problems faced by the fitness and leisure industry.

Roger Barr

Co-Founder & Group Digital Director at Lion Digital, a Mediablaze Group company


Do you have what it takes?

We're looking for talented developers and designers who want to help solve the problems faced by the leisure industry. If you think you've got the endurance and want to meet new friends, find people who might hire you and ultimately be in with a chance of a prize – register now.

It's a team thing.

While you are applying as individuals, we’re looking for people who can work together. You will be assigned teams on the day, so cooperation is as important as creativity or ninja coding skills.


We'll have a swag bag for all participants but there will also be prizes awarded by our esteemed panel of leisure industry experts.

Runner Up




Special Mention


Runner Up


Special Mention

Where is it?

Mediablaze Group HQ

Cranmer House
39 Brixton Road


Need to get in touch?

If you have a question, have a quick look at our FAQs area. If no luck there, you can get in touch at [email protected].

The Schedule

Doors open Saturday at 10am and the event runs till 2.30pm on the Sunday. Bring your PJs and your sense of humour!

Day One

  • 10:00Doors Open
  • 10:30Welcome Talks
  • 11:00Brief Delivered
  • 11:30Hackathon Begins

Day Two

  • 11:30Hackathon Ends
  • 12:00Teams present (5 mins per team)
  • 13:30Panel Judging
  • 14:00Prize Giving
  • 14:30End

Our Partners


We're not here to tell you whether Father's Day falls on a Sunday, but we've put together a list of commonly asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for then ping an email to [email protected]

Leisure What?

On Day 1, registration will open at 10am – you arrive, scope and share skills, create teams and meet the judging panel. After a few quick talks our virtual gong hits and the hacking begins. Add food, drink, more food (and plenty of red bull), then hack through the night or grab a strategic nap. On day 2, more food, then hack ‘til the virtual gong rings again, which will signal the end of LeisureHack. Teams will present their work, judging occurs and prizes are awarded. Simples.

How big can the teams be?

You can hack on your own or with a team of friends. The maximum team size is 4, but if you arrive by yourself and want to be part of a team then we can pair you up on the day. Please remember that you need to individually register.

How can I enter?

Top right of this page is the register button. Simply click this and follow the instructions. We've got a small task for you which will weed out the weak.

Can I stay over night?

Yes, it's a 24 hour event and you'll need every last minute to create something awesome to wow our judging panel. Bring your PJs if you own some and we'll provide areas where you can lay your head down. Please remember it's a public event so you'll need to cover up.

What do I need to bring?

All you need is a laptop computer, but we’d suggest a toothbrush too as you'll be staying overnight.

Is there a prize?

There is a goody bag for all competitors, plus two team prizes (including £500 cash for our winners).

Will there be food and drink?

Yes, no need to bring food and drink. Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements we should cater for.

Who is organising?

Lion Digital and Mediablaze are the Hackathon organisers. Both Lion Digital and Mediablaze are part of the Mediablaze Group of agencies. Lion Digital is a digital UX, design and build agency whilst Mediablaze is an award winning content marketing agency.

What kind of code can I write?

Whatever you want! All breeds of code welcome.